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SCI Sharp Controls, Inc. is a full service fluid power distributor with 30 years of experience providing best value solutions from design to completion.  Our personnel have the capability to tackle the most demanding engineering projects and conditions, as well as manage and execute a turn-key approach that consistently delivers quality results.

Regardless of the type of project or filtration product your business needs, our clients are guaranteed to receive the attention, time and professionalism necessary for the project.  Backed by our extensive filtration experience, our knowledgeable multi discipline approach to technical and administrative requirements makes certain that we can handle any size project on time and within budget.

SCI Sharp Controls Inc. is committed to profitable growth in our core business of design and manufacturer of assemblies for motion control and continued expansion of our principal hydraulic, filtration and pneumatic manufacturer's component sales. Our focus is to always work for the satisfaction of our shareholders, principal manufacturers, customers and employees.


Need a custom solution?

SCI Sharp Controls builds complete standard or custom filtration and fluid conditioning systems. Complete engineering and design to our customer's specifications. All electrical controls and interfaces, fabrication and documentation. We provide turnkey installations by our professional, experienced staff.

We make it easy to work with us. Please use the Request A Quote form, or simply call us at 704-394-1395 to speak with a filtration specialist today. When ordering filtration parts, your first order will be via telephone, and all subsequent orders can be placed by fax or email. This protects your confidential information.

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