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  • Air Sentry

    moisture control desicant breathers
    Air Sentry set the industry gold standard with their first line of contamination control breathers in 1997 and today that standard is raised with the introduction of Guardian.  Air Sentry was also the first to integrate check valve technology into a desiccant breather.
  • Schroeder Industries

    Fluid Conditioning
    For 65 years Schroeder Industries has designed, manufactured and sold a complete range of Advanced Fluid Conditioning Systems.  Schroeder's hydraulic and lube filtration offers a complete line of filter assembly types up to 15,000 psi.  Offering fuel filtration, process filtration
  • Donaldson

    Tribuguard, Duramax, Torit, Ultra Filter
    Donaldson is one of the largest and most successful filtration manufacturers in the world.  Since 1915, their innovative technologies have been solving complex filtration challenges to improve people's lives, enhance equipment performance and protect the environment.
  • Chase Filters

    Hydraulic and Pneumatic Filters
    Chase Filters High Pressure Hydraulic & Pneumatic Filters: From spin-on filters to modular line type spin-on filters, tank filters, filter discs, mini in-line filters, In-Line filters and tee-type filters..
  • Matrix Separations

    filter cartridges
    Matrix Separations has manufacturing roots that extend back over 100 years. Matrix Separations was structured to take advantage of technology breakthrough that allowed graduated density to be engineered into depth filter products.
  • LeSac Liquid Filtration

    liquid filter bags, filter housings
    LeSac Liquid Filtration specializes in liquid filtration products as well as dust filtration products, quality high capacity bag filter housings and vessels, OEM filter bag manufacturing, flange and ring type bags, tie-on bags, basket strainers.
  • Flow Ezy Filters

    in-line filters, strainers, breathers
    Flow Ezy's liquid filtration products have supplied US industries since 1945.  Flow Ezy Filters serves many industries; commercial air filtration, wastewater, fluid power, hydraulic, power generation, food processing, mining and machine tools.
  • Master Pneumatic

    pneumatic filters, coalescing filters
    Master Pneumatic Inc. originated in 1950 as a regional supplier of the Detroit automotive industry.  Since then, "M/P" has become a world wide manufacturing and service organization,serving national automotive companies and other markets.
  • ZenPure

    filter cartridges, wound, carbon
    ZenPure specializes in development and manufacturing of filtration and purification products and specialty membrane devices for a wide range of industries and applications.  ZenPure manufactures filters and membrane devices of any size, fitting type, and configuration.
  • Filtroil

    filters, hydraulic filters
    Filtroil hydraulic filtration systems are suited for hydraulic systems with pumps, servo valves, proportional valves, cartridge valves and cylinders.  These systems are ideal for dedicated units designed for field retro-fit installation for stationary or mobile hydraulic equipment. 
  • Hydac

    hydraulic filters, accumulators, housings
    HYDAC offers a comprehensive range of products in hydraulics, electronic control technology, solenoid technology and control sensors as well as fluid sensors/condition monitoring and fluid control products.  HYDAC stands for hydraulics, systems and fluid engineering.  
  • UFI Hydraulic

    hydraulic pressure, return, suction
    UFI is dedicated to hydraulic filtration and has developed significant expertise in many industries. UFI's laboratories work according to the latest international standards.  Products for the automotive aftermarket sector (automobiles, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, trucks).
  • Rosedale Products

    basket strainers, bag filters
    Rosedale's engineering achievements over the last 25 years have produced a product line that includes high performance filtration solutions for multiple industries.  Filter housings come in many sizes & styles, all serve as bag filters, cartridge filters or basket strainers.
  • Wear Check

    particle sampling
    WearCheck is the worldwide leader in oil analysis.  Since 1966 WearCheck has been providing condition-monitoring services to all sectors of industry. Using modern technology, up-to-date test methods and procedures, WearCheck is widely used by industries. 
  • 3B Filters

    high pressure filter housings
    3B Filters, Inc. was established in 2001.  It's parent is Demco Products, Inc. which was founded in 1959. By the late 1990's, Demco had been manufacturing filter housings for other filter companies for many years and at this point Demco decided to manufacture and market under the 3B name
  • Dynasty Filtration

    melt blown, string wound, pleated filters
    The Dynasty Filtration Polyester Melt Blown Filter is ideal for the removal of solids from high temperature fluids. The filter cartridge is easy to dispose of by incineration reducing the cost over landfill disposal. Polyester melt blown filter are also ideal for paint, acids, and oils. 
  • Lenz

    hydraulic filtration
    Manufacturing high-quality products such as hydraulic filters and strainers, reservoir accessories, pressure gauges, O-ring seal tube fittings, hydraulic adapters and hose fittings enables Lenz to provide the best hydraulic solutions.  
  • Purolator

    hydraulic filters, bag filters, melt blown filters
    With five business divisions covering a wide range of industries, Purolator builds on their history of leading-edge filtration and expert knowledge to develop new technology for improving filtration process performance.
  • Marvel Filters

    Marvel Engineering Company
    Marvel manufactures suction filters, return line filters, pressure line filters, spin on filters, tank mounted filters & replacement hydraulic filters in various mesh sizes, stainless steel or paper, in high & low pressure configurations.
  • Filenco

    compressed air filters and OEM
    Many compressed air systems require point-of-use cleaning and drying of the air.  MP-Filenco dryer/filter units perform superbly because of a triple-action cleaning process and the ability to reduce pressure dew point.
  • Mahle EPE/Epenstein

    filter elements
    European filter elements can be hard to find.  SCI Sharp Controls can help you find Mahle, EPE/Epenstein, Stauff, InterNorman, Argo and many other hard to find brands.
  • Replacement Interchanges

    Replacement Interchanges by Pall, Parker, and Hydac
    Replacement elements and replacement interchanges from Pall, Parker Filters and Hydac.  All elements meet or exceed original manufacturers requirements and conform to ISO 4406:1999 Guidelines.
  • Filter Carts

    filter carts
    SCI Sharp Controls builds complete standard or custom filtration and fluid conditioning systems. Complete engineering and design to specifications. 
  • Custom Filter Assemblies

    Filter assemblies from SCI Sharp Controls
    SCI Sharp Controls builds standard or custom filtration and fluid conditioning systems. All electrical controls & interfaces, fabrication & documentation.  
  • Pall Replacements

    Replacement filters, interchange elements
    Pall Corporation is a filtration, separation and purification leader providing solutions to meet the critical fluid managment needs of customers across the broad spectrum of sciences and industry; including aerospace, fuels and chemicals, power generation, water treatment.