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Master Pneumatics

Filter, Regulator, Lubrication Specialists.


Master Pneumatic Inc. originated in 1950 as a regional supplier of the Detroit automotive industry.  Since then, "M/P" has become a world wide manufacturing and service organization, initially to serve the requirements of the multi-national automotive companies and later to introduce "M/P" products to other markets.

The acquisition of Filenco desiccant dryers in 2000, a complimentary product to our line, continues our expansion.  Since 2000 Master Pneumatic has continued to expand it's customer base in the Construction, Food, Beverage and Medical markets.

In 2005 Master Pneumatic brought it's cleanroom on line.  This supported the  continued growth in Medical, Food and Beverage industries in addition to tighter controls on cleanliness specifictions of other customer/industries.

In 2008 Master Pneumatic began producing it's own zinc die castings for use in its intermediate and full sized filter, regulators and lubricator product lines.  The addition of this capability enabled Master Pneumatic to significantly reduce leadtimes and increase customer satisfaction.

Sample Master Pneumatic Products:

  • General Purpose Filters
  • Coalescing Filters
  • Adsorbing Filters - Oil Vapor Removal
  • Dryer Filters
  • Regulators, Internal, External, and Piloted
  • Relief Valves
  • Servo Valves
  • Lubricators, Air Line
  • Injection Lubricators, Serv-Oil and Micro Lubrication
  • Integral Filter Regulators
  • Combination Filters, Regulators, Lubricators and Valves




Call Us (704) 394-1395